Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goals for 2009, Part 3


Exercise regularly: A yearly goal that I never quite hit. In high school I was on three teams and was very active, and in college I took an athletic course each term (or was sure to arrange a gym buddy) so that I had something fun going on that would get me moving (and out of the library). But in the real world, it’s been a lot harder. The things I’d like to do cost money or need a partner, and it’s hard to find motivation. This year I think I should pick a goal to work towards. A Five K in a certain amount of time, or committing to a karate class, or going to yoga once a week. I haven’t decided which…or any…because I’d like my goal to be something I can actually make myself hit.

Eat healthily and yummily: Food Guy is the godsend here, as he loves to cook and gets home at a reasonable enough hour that it’s feasible for him to do so. This would be a fun place to document some of the food we eat and recipes that we use, and to get ideas on how to do things cheaper. Also, Food Guy is a big meat fan, and I’m trying to move towards a more veggie filled diet. We’ve made some strides here this year but still have a ways to go to get more balanced meals.

Grow some of my own food: Food Guy is a big gardener when he can, but this year we’re in an apartment that doesn’t have a plot of land we can use. We did a bit in containers a few years ago, but he ends up doing most of the work. I’d like to pick some things to grow myself with minimal help from him.

Also, to maintain well-being. I have a few health issues that implementing the above will keep under control, hereditary high cholesterol being one of the biggest. I should also get this checked sometime soon so that I can see if my efforts make a difference.

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